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Chula Vista BMX Weekly Clinics

*Safety is our priority – If you or your child are approached by an individual claiming to be a coach that does not have a USA BMX Coaching License, please contact the the track operator at [email protected] These individuals may not have received background checks, First Aid/CPR certifications or proper training

Chula Vista BMX offers weekly clinics from Tyler Brown.  Tyler has raced BMX professionally for over 10 years, and has shown great success in the world of BMX!  Tyler has also trained with some of the best coaches, and been apart of the top bmx training camps over the years.  Tyler will take the best of what he has learned over his career and share it with you every week at Chula Vista BMX!

Chula Vista BMX has weekly clinics to help every rider!  We have beginner clinics to help with the basics of BMX, make sure the rider is safe, has the most fun possible, and helps them become the fastest BMXers they can be!

We also have something for the intermediate & advanced rider.  In these clinics we break down all the advanced techniques of BMX.  We focus on not only technique, but also training as well.  These clinics are designed to push the current BMXer to the next level in their riding & racing!

Clinics are every Thursday! (unless noted in updates due to Tyler’s Travel Schedule)

  • Beginner 5:00-6:00PM
  • Intermediate/Expert Class now Combined: 6:00-7:00PM

Cost: $20 per rider


Beginner Classes Include:
Bike Setup
Basic Track Knowledge
Basic Bike Handling Skills
Gate Starts
Pedal Efficiency
Pumping Over Jumps
Pack Riding
Other Basic Tips
Intermediate Classes Include: 
Proper Sprint Form
Gate Starts
Pack Riding
Passing Skills
Into to Jumping
Into to Manualling
Mental Toughness
Race Strategy
Fitness Training
Much More
Expert Classes include:
Gate Starts
Mental Race Rehearsal
Advanced Jumping
Advanced Manualling
Pack Riding
Passing Skills
Fitness Training
Much More!
Come train with one of the worlds fastest on a bike and learn what helped Tyler get to the top of the game!

The Weekly Clinic program is designed to take a new rider from the sidewalk to the podium.  Tyler Brown will guide each rider through weekly lessons lessons that will increase confidence, skills, speed and safety on the track.  Tyler will be able to give your feedback on your races and practices and help to tailor your experience to your needs.


When can I start?

You are able to start the Weekly Clinics at any time.  The Beginner class is known as Intro to BMX and get you ready to practice on your own and prepare you to start at any point.


How can I sign up?

Head up to the registration window and ask for information regarding your local coach and the Weekly Clinics. We offer the ability to purchase a package which includes a membership, practices and racing session all in one, just like you would for any other sport.


2800 Olympic Parkway
Chula Vista CA 91915

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